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Fiber Optic Solutions

CTS Telecom’s Michigan customers enjoy reliable, secure high-speed business internet access over dedicated fiber-optic connections. Take advantage of our cost-effective internet solutions from one of Michigan’s most experienced internet service providers.


What are the advantages of fiber over broadband?

Fiber-optic internet connectivity delivers significant benefits for companies of all sizes, even those that classify themselves as small businesses. The top advantages are:

  • Greater capacity: Asymmetrical bandwidth (i.e., the same upload speed as download speed) enables higher signal rates and much longer transmission distances.
  • Unsurpassed security: Determined criminals can attach a copper line to another copper line, hack into a system and access confidential data. Not so with fiber optics. The most secure network available, fiber is made from glass. Any attempt to hack the glass would break it. The entire system would go down. You’d lose service temporarily, but you wouldn’t lose private data. Crooks know this, and fiber-optic hacks are almost unheard of. Count on a secure and reliable internet connection with fiber optics.
  • Complete privacy: The fiber optic line you use is yours and your alone. No other companies share it. Your internet connection via fiber optics is 100% private.
  • Highest speeds: Fiber optic internet runs at the speed of light. There’s no faster alternative. It’s the fastest data transport medium available — enabling almost instant data retrieval.
  • Interference-free: When routed near electrical machinery, copper lines are subject to electromagnetic Interference. Not fiber optics. Fiber connectivity enables signals to be transmitted without interference or error.

Advantages in selecting CTS Telecom

In choosing us for your high-speed internet service, you’ll enjoy multiple benefits, among them:


  • Asymmetrical or symmetrical internet connection bandwidth options up to 10 Gbps
  • Dedicated Ethernet internet access
  • Expandable high-speed internet services that can grow with your internet connection bandwidth requirements


  • Standard installs that provide business-class, carrier-grade connectivity for internet services
  • High availability, redundant internet connections
  • Fiber-optic and wireless options for small businesses and others
  • Multi-port delivery high-speed internet services available


  • Static IP addresses for internet connections
  • Internet services delivered over CTS Telecom’s wholly owned Fiber-optic network
  • Managed firewalls available on all internet connections


Does our Michigan business really need high-speed internet?

Yes, speed is critically important for several reasons. Chiefly, lack of speed through your internet connection can hinder your productivity and result in lost opportunities. A quick look around your operation will identify some potential causes. A greater number of company devices linked to your internet are probably straining bandwidth. Plus, it’s likely that more employees are linking their own smartphone and tablets to the connection.
Fiber InternetMore specifically, here are five reasons why a high-speed internet connection is important to your operation.

  1. The growth in visual email, larger websites and video streaming

Once largely text, today’s email has become much more visual. Logos, photos and graphics are now part of almost all messages — and images require far more bandwidth than words. Websites have also grown far more sophisticated. They’re packed with videos, high-resolution logos and photos — all of which need more bandwidth for viewing to avoid long loading times. Another huge drain on bandwidth? Video streaming. When more than a few employees click on an online course, instructional video or even YouTube, bandwidth disappears in a hurry.

  1. The advent of cloud services

Subscribers to cloud resources require a consistently fast internet connection. Without it, user struggles to stay focused and remain productive. The greater the response time from a hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program or other external resource, the more likely your team will lose focus and waste time. This is key! Applications hosted by cloud providers have multiplied a hundredfold in recent years. To remain productive, businesses and organizations need to maintain fast response times with high-speed internet.

  1. The rise in video conferencing

Everyone appreciates video conferencing as a means by which to lower costs and boost productivity. Travel time, expenses and unproductive hours are minimized. But, video conferencing is video streaming. And, as mentioned above, streaming video demands plenty of internet bandwidth of the type only a high-speed connection consistently delivers.

  1. The adoption of VoIP

As newer, more cost-efficient phones replace antiquated landline types, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become dominant. But as attractive as they are, they need bandwidth and lots of it. Each VoIP conversation takes about 100k of bandwidth per second. If your business has but a few employees, this might not be a challenge. But, put a dozen or so workers on a VoIP phone at one time and it’s likely you’ve maxed out your upstream speeds. You need a high-speed internet connection. But better yet, you need one with symmetrical bandwidth. With it, your upstream and downstream speeds will be the same.

  1. The need to protect valuable files

Backing up data offsite ensures disaster recovery planning and simplifies business continuity. But, if you’re like most businesses, the amount of data you require for backup is ever growing. Slow internet connections cause a lot of headaches, even if you plan the backup to run after hours. In contrast, a high-speed internet connection makes full backups possible. You’ll protect critical data. What’s more, your operations can continue even in the event of a data loss due to equipment failure, theft or disaster.

Fiber Internet CTS

Summary of key benefits

By selecting CTS Telecom as your internet service provider, you’ll have access to:

  • Download and upload speeds up to 1 Gbps. Note that 1 Gbps speeds are available on most standard high-speed internet installs for small businesses and medium-size businesses. Options for larger connections are available upon request.
  • Dedicated optical Ethernet internet access throughout our service area
  • Powerful, reliable, and expandable high-speed Internet services that can grow with your bandwidth requirements
  • Static IP addresses assigned based on ARIN guidelines
  • High-availability, redundant fiber-optic network options for enterprise customers of our high-speed business internet services
  • Optional Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Routing for high-speed business Internet connections

Take the next step with Business Internet Service

CTS Telecom delivers reliable and secure internet access at the speed of light. 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) download speed is now standard with all connections. Experience Southwest Michigan’s most powerful Fiber-optic network! To find out more about how your business or organization can benefit, call us today at 800-627-5287. We Answer the Call!