Campbell Auto Supply in Portage, MI

Campbell Auto Supply in Portage, MI


CASE STUDY: How we help clients meet their goals with business Internet.



Since 1975, Campbell Auto Parts and Supply of Portage, Michigan has built a reputation for reliability. Operating under the banner of “Don’t Gamble, Call Campbell,” the firm supplies alternators, axles, batteries, brakes, and more to retail customers and wholesale clients.

Online orders account for as much as 40% of the company’s business. Email communications are critical, too. So, when Campbell Auto Supply began experiencing service interruptions, the firm reconsidered its relationship with its business Internet provider.

“Downtime was a serious problem,” said Mike Riesgraf, President. “Lengthy service call hold times were frustrating, too. It took forever to reach a responsible party to address our issues.”


 Faced with these problems, Campbell Auto Supply contacted several Internet service providers. Based on the recommendation of several customers, he contacted CTS Telecom.

“Two providers proposed Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL),” said Riesgraf. “One delivered a cable connection. But, as that was our current provider, we weren’t sold on their reliability or customer service. Only CTS Telecom offered a fiber-optic connection.”

Unlike copper-based technologies like DSL and cable, fiber cables transmit signals via light. Along with unsurpassed reliability, businesses with fiber connections enjoy the fastest Internet access speeds available.


 Given fiber’s key advantages and their need for accessible and accountable customer service, Campbell Auto Supply selected CTS Telecom for their business Internet. In over a year with the new service (and counting), downtime is no longer an issue — and neither are long phone call hold times.

“Our transition to CTS Telecom was smooth,” said Riesgraf. “They provide business Internet that simply works, without any worries. And it’s a relief when you can place a call to them and get an almost immediate response.”

To learn more about business Internet from CTS Telecom through Southwest Michigan’s most powerful fiber-optic network, contact us today!