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CTS Data Center’s redundant power, cooling, and fiber connectivity make it an ideal place for secure off-site Colocation of customer equipment

Residential Services in Climax

Fiber to the Home


One local voice line with up to 8 features including caller ID and unlimited local calls

Lightning Fast Internet

Fiber internet with wireless router & firewall
with speed ranging from 12/2 Mbps to 100/10 Mbps

Available Now—Call 269.746.4411 to Order Today!

The most advanced technology available today!

Now is the time to bring fiber optics into your home.
CTS Telecom is now offering Fiber-to-the-Home for residents of Climax, MI. This technology uses fiber optic power, carrying signals as digital pulses of light. That means that the entertainment coming into your home will be moving at the speed of light—no delays and no weather-related interruptions!

Why fiber, why now?

  • Fiber allows for greater bandwidth which means faster internet connections
    and the opportunity to take advantage of future options.
  • More reliability – fiber optic cable is less likely to have static or interference
    and is more durable to withstand shock and vibration.
  • Fiber offers CTS the flexibility to provide future offerings.
  • Increased home values – Fiber-to-the-Home can increase a home’s value
    by as much as $5,000 according to recent research!*

Available Now—Call 269.746.4411 to Order Today!

Residential Service Documents:

Fiber Construction Information

Backup Power Customer Notice

Phone Features

Internet Troubleshooting

Fiber Service and Agreement Forms

Broadband Internet Policy 2017-02-13

 * RVA, LLC Homeowner and Developer Survey and Research commissioned by the FTTH Council, 2009.