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CTS Telecom Comm Portal

Hosted VoIP Features

Unlike other internet voice offerings, CTS Telecom delivers Hosted Voice solutions over dedicated private IP network connections to assure reliable, business quality VoIP. Many Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area government, education, medical, and enterprise organizations trust in CTS Hosted VoIP for their every day workflow. Our Hosted VoIP is ideal for customers of any size and is easy to scale so we can grow together.

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The CTS CommPortal redefines how you interact with your business telephone service. CommPortal is a web-based interface for your phone that allows you to view and listen to your voicemails, set up your contacts, manage routing on incoming calls, and manage your Attendants.

CommPortal adds a visual element that goes beyond traditional voicemail systems. Whenever you make, receive, or miss a call, the details of the call are displayed. You also have the ability to set up simultaneously ring, which can route calls to your choice of phones (including cell phones). This feature helps business customers avoid missing calls or sending calls to voicemail.

You can easily forward your phone or initiate calls with the easy Click-To-Dial functionality. The Click-To-Dial feature eliminates the need to physically dial numbers that reside in your contacts. Click on the phone number from a call that you missed or a caller that left you a message and it dials for you! This feature integrates with Microsoft Outlook so you can Click-To-Dial your contacts directly from Outlook.

The CommPortal is also used for administrators to manage your Easy or Premium Attendants. This easy-to-use web interface gives you the ability to change your phone tree options from any computer with internet access.

Incoming Call Manager (ICM)

This feature can ring multiple offices or cell phones with a simultaneous, consecutive, or delayed ring. This can be done throughout the day or based on a schedule, including lunch periods. At the end of the work day, your business line can be forwarded to a messaging center you employ, cell phone, or voicemail. Easy and premium attendants can be integrated to get your clients’ information even when you aren’t on site.

Easy Attendant and Premium Attendant

Both the Easy and Premium Attendant options are services that provide powerful capabilities for productivity and satisfying the needs of your customers. Engineered to simulate a live operator, the Attendant can direct incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee. The Attendant offers a live greeting directing callers to the call-tree to fit your business needs and can operate 24×7 or based on a schedule you create. The Easy Attendant is suggested for businesses with less than 30 phones and the Premium Attendant is for businesses with more than 30 phones or one that is in need of nested menus. Once the Attendant is built, you can edit it via the CommPortal web user interface. The Attendant can answer immediately or be delayed and can have separate functions during business or non-business hours.

Unified Messaging

This next generation, network-based voicemail offers subscribers several choices to stay in touch with important voice and e-fax messages. Unified Messaging offers options that forward your voicemail and e-fax messages to email. Your company can work greener by making printing your choice. If you need to share a fax, you can easily forward it to someone else via email.

Unified Messaging is indispensable for business travel. You can easily access your voicemail and e-fax via your Smartphone, web browser, email, or by a direct call to the voicemail system.