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CTS Telecom Communications Ethernet Data Transport

Data Transport

EPLs and EP-LANs are perfect solutions for many types of business partners including (but not limited to) financial institutions, hospitals, and government entities. And with bandwidth options from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps*, you can be sure that your EPL or EP-LAN connections will have the capacity you need for a growing business.

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Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs)

Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) provide dedicated, secure, point-to-point connectivity for our partners with multiple locations. These Layer 2 VLAN transparent connections act like an Ethernet patch cable that, from an IT perspective, make many locations appear to be one.

EPL Configuration Examples



Ethernet Private LAN connections provide the same dedicated secure connectivity as our EPLs, but instead of connecting one location to another, this product offers the ability to connect one location to multiple locations.


For questions about design options or product pricing, contact a Communications Consultant.

* 1/1 Gbps connectivity available on most standard fiber installs. Larger bandwidth options for EPL or EP-LAN available upon request.