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CTS Telecom Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our Data Center offers cloud solutions like no other thanks to the Internet and Private Ethernet services offered on our fiber optic network. Bring the cloud into your environment through high-speed direct connectivity to provide the fastest and most reliable disaster recovery, replication, and backup solutions. Whether you are looking for off-site storage of your own managed data, or want to protect your virtual infrastructure with the power of Veeam Backup and Replication, CTS has a solution for you.

Let us help design a backup or DR solution that's right for your business

Cloud Service Solutions

CTS Drive

Looking for secure, easy-to-use off-site storage for your data?  CTS Drive is for you.  Setup takes seconds and is as simple as mapping a network drive.  With the added option of direct access over a high-bandwidth Ethernet Private Line the storage effectively becomes part of your LAN, while still residing off-site in the secure CTS Data Center. CTS Drive is available in flexible size configurations that don’t lock you into a level of service.

CTS BaaS (Backup as a Service)

Let us manage the backup of your virtual infrastructure while you focus on growing your business. CTS Backup as a Service offers all the benefits of Veeam without the cost of purchase, implementation, and management so your business can take advantage of enterprise level backup solutions for a simple low monthly cost.

CTS DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Like CTS Baas, CTS DRaaS also utilizes the power and reliability of Veeam, but with the added protection of replicating your virtual machines. Our disaster recovery management provides rapid recovery of your virtual environment in the case of on outage or disaster.

CTS Cloud Repository

CTS Cloud Repository is the first product that we are offering to off-net partners*. Establishing our Tier 2 Internet Service Provider status allows us to provide this easy-to-implement solution through fewer hops thanks to our direct peering relationships with major carriers. This level of connectivity provides CTS Cloud Repository partners with faster backup and recovery times which can be crucial when managing a disaster. Try free for 30 days!

*Off-net partners must be using Veeam in their virtual environment